Industrial Relationship Research Project (Irrp)


To advance knowledge and understanding of industrial relationships, workplace dynamics, and labour management to equip Excel College with valuable insights and contribute to the development of effective, harmonious, and productive industrial relationships.


A future where Excel College is a recognized centre for industrial relationship research, known for its expertise in enhancing labour-management interactions, workforce well-being, and organizational performance.


Conduct rigorous research: Excel College's IRRP is dedicated to conducting in-depth, evidence-based research on industrial relationships, seeking to uncover valuable insights and trends that can inform practices and policies
Promote best practices: We aim to identify, document, and disseminate best practices in industrial relations, offering guidance to organizations and fostering improved workplace dynamics.
Support policy and decision-making: We work to provide policymakers, employers, and employees with research findings and recommendations that can inform decisions and policies aimed at creating fair and productive industrial relationships.
Educate and empower stakeholders: We seek to educate and empower students, faculty, and industry professionals by sharing knowledge and research outcomes related to industrial relationships.
Collaboration and engagement: Excel College's IRRP promotes collaboration between academia, industry, and labor organizations to create a robust ecosystem for industrial relationship research and knowledge exchange.
Ethical research and impartiality: We uphold the highest ethical standards in our research practices and maintain impartiality to ensure the credibility and reliability of our findings.
Continuous improvement: Excel College's IRRP is committed to evolving and enhancing its research methodologies and dissemination of findings in response to the ever-changing landscape of industrial relations.

These statements can serve as a foundation for the mission and activities of Excel College’s Industrial Relationship Research Project (IRRP), providing clear direction for the project’s research, educational, and collaborative initiatives.

ECCS Research Committee

Name of the Committee MemberDesignation
Dr. R.VimalNishantChair person
Dr.P.UdhayarajaIn charge
Dr.K. Christie JenniferMember
Dr. K.MunusamyMember
Dr. M.GomathiMember
Dr. S. JothiMember
Dr. S. ChinnaduraiMember