To enhance the quality, accessibility, and overall excellence of higher education at Excel College by providing financial assistance through the “KAPILA” scheme, enabling the institution to innovate, expand, and cater to diverse student needs.


A future where Excel College is a premier higher education institution, recognized for its academic excellence, inclusivity, and innovation, achieved through the support and resources provided by the “KAPILA” scheme.


Enhance academic excellence: Excel College's "KAPILA" mission is to improve academic quality, research capabilities, and overall educational standards, ensuring that students receive a world-class education.
Expand access to education: We aim to make higher education more accessible, breaking down barriers to entry and providing opportunities for students from various backgrounds and regions.
Promote innovation and research: We support research and innovation initiatives that contribute to the growth of knowledge and the development of solutions for societal challenges.
Diversity and inclusivity: We work towards creating an inclusive environment at Excel College, respecting diversity and catering to the educational needs of a wide range of students.
Infrastructure development: Our mission includes investing in infrastructure development, modernizing facilities, and enhancing campus resources to create a conducive learning environment.
Financial stability: We aim to promote financial stability and sustainability within Excel College, ensuring the efficient allocation of resources and responsible financial management.
Monitoring and evaluation: We continually assess the impact of the "KAPILA" scheme on Excel College's development to ensure that the goals are met and the funds are effectively utilized.
Community outreach: We actively engage with local communities and industry partners to enhance Excel College's role as a center for higher education, research, and social progress.

These statements provide a solid foundation for the mission and activities of Excel College’s participation in the “KAPILA” scheme, guiding its efforts to enhance higher education, promote inclusivity, and drive innovation through financial assistance and support.

Committee members:

Name of the Committee MemberDesignation
Dr. R.VimalNishantChair person
Dr.P.UdhayarajaIn charge
Dr.K. Christie JenniferMember
Dr.S. JothiMember