About the Centre of Research

About the Centre of Research

Research and Development has a special significance in enhancing activities to enable Excel Group Institutions to become a renowned Intellectual corporation fostering excellent research, development, sponsored projects, consultancy, continuing education and Industry-Institute interaction in addition to excellent teaching. The R & D division motivates the faculty members and Students to carry out research work in areas of their interest, generate project proposals to seek grants from various funding agencies, and establish Centres of Excellence in the college. The R & D cell of Excel Colleges has been active in registering for patents, copyrights, publications in conferences, organizing conferences, seminars and workshops. Knowing the importance of R&D, the management has been magnanimous to sanction necessary funds for the establishment of Laboratories with Lab equipment towards Research and Development year after year.

Code of Ethics in Research

Code of Ethics in Research sets forth general principles of ethical conduct to Faculty members, Research scholars and students toward the highest ideals of scholarly research. The principles outline enforceable standards that should direct all of them to an ethical course of action. Alongside our efforts to maintain the principles of scholarly integrity and academic freedom, we accept our duty to uphold the Vision & Mission of the Institution. Taking cognizance of our responsibility to the public, we hereby bind ourselves to the strictest measure of integrity and the highest ethical standards to be worthy of the public’s trust. Through our profession and academic pursuits, we strive to maintain and enhance its validity through rigorous study, active dissemination, discussion, and responsible criticism. This is achieved through the following principles of methodology:

Competence in the conduct of research by following the accepted standards of our discipline and undertaking multi-disciplinary research through collaboration.
Accuracy of research data and reports in journals, conferences and research forums
Avoiding misleading statements or declarations and vague assertions that could be subject to misinterpretation as well as avoiding making exaggerated claims that are not warranted by the results of our research inquiry
Giving proper Acknowledgment and Not to plagiarizing others’ information, data or report; and citing the sources of information and data; resource/ funding sources; and finally by granting authorship to those who made a significant contribution to the research work
Maintaining Transparency by keeping complete record of research; transparency in the use and disbursement of resources; the confidentiality of sources; and safeguarding the integrity of the profession and taking action against the violations of any of the principles and rules to the concerned committee to ensure Justice and Fairness
Dissemination of knowledge to the public regarding both hazards as well as benefits without exaggerating or hiding facts
Safety and Responsibility will be kept up throughout all research activities, refraining from causing harm, stress or pain to any animal during the research and disposing Laboratory wastes avoiding environmental degradation as well as pointing out to our clients potential dangers or threats to their interest
Research is always for the benefits of the Society keeping in mind the cultural, individual, and role differences among research participants and consumers, including those based on age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, disability, language, or socio-economic status

Research Committee

S NoDeptName of Faculty MemberDesignation
2.Dr.A.KarthikeyanAssociate Professor
3.BMEDr.K.Bommanna RajaPrincipal
4.Dr.B.BalasubramaniamProfessor &Head
5.CivilDr.P.LoganathanAssociate Professor
7.ECEDr.S.AnbukaruppusamyDirector Admin
8.Dr.C.KarthikeyiniDirector Academic
9.FTDr.M.P.MurugesanAssociate Professor
11.MechDr.N.NatarajanProfessor &Head
12.Dr.R.VinothAssociate Professor
13.EEEDr.V.S.ArulmuruganProfessor &Head
14.PhysicsDr.S.PonnusamyAssistant Professor
15.ChemistryDr.P.SivakumarAssociate Professor
16.MBADr.K.ElamvazhithiProfessor &Head

Recognized Supervisors

DepartmentRecognized SupervisorSupervisor ID
BMEDr.K.Bommanna Raja2740005
Dr. K.Geetha3040020
ECEDr.S. Anbukaruppusamy2840118
MECHDr. N.Natarajan2620060
S.No.Supervisor NameDepartment  DesignationArea of Expertise  Reference Id
1Dr.S.P.VenkatesanAeronautical EngineeringProf & HoDEngineering Design4120185
2Dr.P.Karunakaran Aeronautical EngineeringProfessorSand Casting, EDM, ECM, Composite Materials2820095
3Dr.M.GowthamAeronautical EngineeringAssistant ProfessorThermal Engineering4120088
4Dr.S.PrasanthAeronautical EngineeringAssistant ProfessorComposite Materials4120139
5Dr.K.Bommanna RajaBiomedical EngineeringProfessorMedical Electronics and Information
6Dr.B.BalasubramanianBiomedical EngineeringProfessorSoft computing, Bio- signal Analysis, Bioinformatics2840084
7Dr.P.LoganathanCivil EngineeringAssociate Professor Structural Engineering4110032
8Dr.P.C.Senthil MaheshComputer Science and EngineeringAssociate ProfessorNetwork Security, Software Engineering, Fog Computing4240010
9Dr.K.GeethaComputer Science and Engineering   ProfessorNetworks, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning3040020
10Dr.R.NedunchelianComputer Science and EngineeringProfessorData Mining, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Networks2940021
11Dr. S.AnbukaruppusamyElectronics and Communication EngineeringProfessornetworking, wireless sensor networks, IOT, Image processing2840118
12Dr.C.KarthikeyiniElectronics and Communication EngineeringProfessorImage processing, machine learning, system design2640041
13Dr.G.PrakashElectronics and Communication EngineeringProfessorWireless Communications Networks3840019
14Dr.G.JagaJothiElectronics and Communication EngineeringProfessorBiomedical Engineering, MEMS, Image Processing and Optical Communication3040027
15Dr.A.VasantharajElectronics and Communication EngineeringAssociate ProfessorVLSI,Embedded System,Wireless Communication System4190071
16Dr.V.S.ArulmurganElectrical and Electronics EngineeringProfessorPower System, Renewable Energy, VLSI, Power Electronics, Electrical Machines2830066
17Dr.R.YuvarajElectrical and Electronics EngineeringAssociate ProfessorPower Systems, High Voltage and Low Voltage4230017
18Dr.Murugesan M PFood Technology Associate ProfessorChemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering and solid Waste Management4050012
19Dr.S.KayalvizhiInformation TechnologyProfessorVLSI design, Networks, On-chip cooling, IoT3940027
20Dr.Natarajan NMechanical EngineeringProfessorComposite Materials, Metal Matrix, Mechanical Properties, Wear2620060
21Dr.Vinoth RMechanical EngineeringAssociate ProfessorHeat Transfer, Heat Exchanger3820005
22Dr.Venkatesan MMechanical Engineering Assistant ProfessorHeat Transfer, Energy and Buildings, Waste Management System4120066
23Dr. N. PrabhuPhysicsProfessorNano technology, Thin films3070039
24Dr.S.PonnusamyPhysicsAssistant ProfessorMolecular Quantum Mechanics,Computational Material Science4170112
25Dr.S.PriyadarshiniPhysicsAssistant ProfessorNanomaterials, Perovskite Oxides, Biosensors, Energy Devices4170046


26Dr.G.PradeeshPhysicsAssistant ProfessorConducting Polymer, Nanotechnology, Thin Films, Optoelectronics Device Fabrication4170127
27Dr. P.SivakumarChemistry Associate ProfessorNano materials2870034
28Dr. K. B. NagashanmugamChemistryProfessorEnvironmental Chemistry1870370
29Dr.LavanyaChemistryAssistant ProfessorPolymer chemistry, Bio Composites, Cellulose, Rubber Composites4170109

List of Doctorates

S NoDeptName of Faculty MemberDesignationThurst Area
Aeronautical Engineering
Dr.S.P. VenkatesanProf. & HoDEngineering Design
2Dr. P. KarunakaranProf.Production Engineering, Foundry, EDM,
ECM & Composite Materials
3Dr.M.GowthamAPThermal Engineering, E- Vehicle, BMS, Unregulated Emissions
4Dr.A.KarthikeyanASPOptimization, Machine Learning, Scheduling
5Dr.SivakumarASPEngineering Design
6Dr.S.PrasanthASPComposite Materials
Dr.G. Vijaya KumarHoDSoil and Water Conservation Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Dr. K. Bommanna RajaProf.Medical image processing,Medical
9Dr.B.BalasubramaniamProf & HoDSoft Computing,Biosignal/Image
Processing , Bioinformatics
10Dr.Saroj Kumar SahProf.Molecular studies bassed
pathogen/ESBL/Herbalextraction/Biofilmfo rmation
11Dr.S.Satheesh Reddy AvutuAPRehabilitation Engineering/ Robotics
Civil Engineering
Dr.N.SengottaianProfEnvironmental Engineering
13Dr.S.ShanmugasundaramProf & HoDConcrete Technology
14Dr.P.LoganathanAPConcrete Technology
15Dr.K.P.VishalakshiAPConcrete Technology
Computer Science and Engineering
Dr.P.C.Senthil MaheshProf & HoDNetwork Security ,Software Engineering
17Dr.K.GeethaProf.Network Security ,Machine Learning
18Dr. L. AshokkumarProf.Data Science
19Dr.T.P.AndamuthuProf.Wireless Sensor Networks
20Dr.R.NedunchelianProf.Data Mining, Cloud Computing, Big Data
Analytics, Networks
21Dr.P.KumariASPArtificial Intelligence
22Dr.A.T.RaviASPData Minning
Dr. S. AnbukaruppusamyProf.& HoDNetworks
24Dr. C. KarthikeyiniProf.Image Processing
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Dr.G.PrakashProf.IoT, Wireless Communication Networks
26Dr.K.TamilarasiAPImage Processing
27Dr.A.VasantharajASPEmbedded systems
28Dr.G.JegajothiProf.Signal Processing
29Dr. S. JayapooraniASPEmbedded systems
30Dr.P.NarmathaAPEmbedded systems
Food Technology
Dr.M.KaruppaiyaProf & HoDFood Technology,Biotechnology
32Dr.M.P.MurugesanAPExtraction and solid Waste Management,
Chemical & Environmental Engineering
Information Technology
Dr.M.VadivelASP & HoDSoft Computing, Image Processing, Deep
34Dr.S.KayalvizhiASPVLSI design, Networks, On-chip cooling,
35Dr.N.SundararajaluProfData mining, Networks
Mechanical Engineering
Dr. N. NatarajanProf & HoDComposite Materials
37Dr.R.VinothASPHeat Transfer, Microchannel, Nanofluid
38Dr.K.BoopathyProfMaterials, Manufacturing,Tool Insert.
39Dr.N.VenkatachallamASPNatural Composite Materials
40Dr.E.R.SivakumarASPMaterials and Structures, IC Engines,
41Dr.N.TamilselvanASPHeat Transfer, Nanofluid
42Dr.M.VenkatesanAPThermal Engineering, Heat Transfer
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Dr.V.S.ArulmuruganProf & HoDSmart Grid
44Dr.M.R. MohanrajAPPower System
45Dr.R.YuvarajASPPower System
46Dr.R.GunasekaranAPRenewable Energy
Petro Chemical Technology
Dr.Habheebur RahmanAPEnergy
49MBADr.K.ElamvazhithiProf. & HODHuman Resource Management
50 MCADr.U.SrideviAPComputer Networks
S&H – Faculty Name List
Dr.Thomas MathewASPEnglish Literature: Tagore’s ‘Gitanjali’
52Dr.K.SaravananASPIndian Writing in English, ELT, British Literature, Afro American Literature,
Commonwealth Literature
53Dr.S.V.AshokkumarProf.Comparative literature
54Dr.VidhyaRathiAPComparative literature
Dr. N. PrabhuProf.Material Science
56Dr.S.PonnusamyAPMolecular Quantum Mechanics
Dr.KaruppusamyAPMaterial Science
Dr.R.RajanASPCorrosion & Antifouling paint
61Dr.R.LavanyaAPPolymer Composites, Bio materials
62Dr.K.B.NagashanmugamProf.Environmental sciences
Dr.S.MohankumarProf.Fuzzy Mathematical Modelling
65Dr.S. KavithaAPDifferential Equations
66Dr.P.SindhuAPGraph Theory

Thrust area of Research

DepartmentTrust Area of Research
Aeronautical EngineeringAerodynamics
Propulsion Engineering
Aircraft Structures and Design
Artificial Intelligence & Data ScienceComputer Automation
Cyber Security and Forensics
Internet of Things
Agricultural EngineeringAgricultural Process Engineering
Farm Machinery and Power
Soil And Water Conservation Engineering
Biomedical EngineeringBiomedical Signal and Image Processing
Health Care Systems
Bio Engineering
Civil EngineeringEnvironmental and Water Resource Engineering
Structural Engineering
Construction Engineering and Management
Computer Science and EngineeringArtificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Cyber Security and Forensics
Internet of Things
Electronics and Communication EngineeringNetworks & Signal Processing
VLSI Design
Embedded & IoT
Food Technologyood Processing Technology
Food Design Engineering
Advanced Food Technology
Information TechnologyArtificial Intelligence
Cyber Security
Data Science
Internet of Things
Mechanical EngineeringDesign Engineering
Thermal Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering
Automobile Engineering
Safety and Fire EngineeringIndustrial Safety Engineering
Safety Engineering
Fire Engineering