Yukti – Smart India Hackathon

Yukti – Smart India Hackathon


To foster a culture of innovation, problem-solving, and technological advancement among Excel College students through participation in the YUKTI SMART India Hackathon, enabling them to address real-world challenges and drive positive change.


A future where Excel College is known for producing innovative and socially conscious graduates who excel in tackling real-world challenges and contributing to India’s technological advancement.


Empower Excel College students: We are dedicated to empowering Excel College students to apply their creativity, technical skills, and problem-solving abilities to develop innovative solutions to real challenges faced by India.
Promote problem-solving: We encourage the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills among our students by presenting real challenges and guiding them to devise practical solutions.
Foster collaboration: We facilitate collaboration among Excel College students, faculty, industry experts, and mentors, creating a dynamic ecosystem that encourages the exchange of ideas and knowledge.
Drive social impact: We support projects that have the potential to drive meaningful social and economic change, aligning with the needs and aspirations of both Excel College and the broader Indian community.
Provide a platform: We offer a platform for Excel College students to showcase their talents, connect with mentors, and gain exposure to opportunities in innovation and entrepreneurship.
Inclusivity: We aim to be inclusive by reaching students from various departments and academic backgrounds within Excel College, fostering diversity and interdisciplinary collaboration.
Mentorship and guidance: We provide mentorship and guidance to Excel College participants, helping them refine their ideas, develop prototypes, and polish their solutions.
Monitoring and evaluation: We continually assess and evaluate the impact of SMART India Hackathons at Excel College to ensure they meet their intended goals and evolve to address current challenges.
Celebration of innovation: We celebrate the achievements of Excel College participants, recognizing and rewarding the most innovative and impactful solutions while promoting a culture of innovation within the institution.

These statements can provide a strong foundation for the mission and activities of the “YUKTI SMART India Hackathon” at Excel College, guiding its efforts to promote innovation, problem-solving, and social impact among its students through hackathons.

Committee members:

Dr. R. VimalNishantPresident
Dr. P. UdhayarajaHead
 Mr. D. SugandaranCoordinator
Mr. R. KannanMember
Mr. P. VenkatachalamMember
Dr. D.RamyaMember
Dr. M. GomathiMember