To cultivate a vibrant culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at Excel College, empowering students and faculty to translate their innovative ideas into successful startups and initiatives while contributing to regional economic growth.


A future where Excel College is a beacon of innovation and entrepreneurship, recognized for nurturing and supporting a community of creative thinkers and budding entrepreneurs who drive economic development and positive societal change.


Nurture innovation: Excel College's National Innovation and Startup Policy is committed to fostering an environment where innovation is encouraged, and creative ideas are transformed into tangible solutions.
Promote entrepreneurship: We aim to identify and support entrepreneurial talent within Excel College, providing resources, mentorship, and funding to help students and faculty launch and grow their startups.
Facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration: We work to create a space where students and faculty from diverse academic backgrounds can collaborate on innovative projects, enriching their ideas and fostering cross-disciplinary teamwork.
Support startups: Excel College's policy offers comprehensive support for startups, including access to funding, co-working spaces, mentorship, and access to a network of industry experts.
Education and skill development: We provide training and workshops to equip Excel College's community with the necessary entrepreneurial and innovation-related skills, enabling them to thrive in the competitive startup landscape.
Ethical and sustainable innovation: We emphasize the importance of ethical and sustainable innovation, promoting responsible entrepreneurship that considers social, environmental, and economic impacts.
Community engagement: We extend our commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship beyond Excel College, collaborating with local communities, industries, and organizations to address real-world challenges and create a positive impact.
Monitoring and evaluation: We regularly assess and evaluate the impact of the policy to ensure that it remains effective and adapts to the evolving needs of Excel College's innovation and startup ecosystem.

These statements provide a solid foundation for the mission and activities of Excel College’s National Innovation and Startup Policy, guiding its efforts to create an innovative and entrepreneurial environment that benefits the college, its community, and the region as a whole.

Committee members:

Dr. R. Vimal NishantPresident
Dr. P. UdhayarajaHead
Dr. S. ChinnaduariCoordinator
Mr. R. KannanMember
Mr. P. Dinesh KumarMember