Uyir Vedhiyiyal (Biochemistry)

Department of Uyir Vedhiyiyal (Biochemistry)

Biochemistry is the science concerned with studying the various molecules that occur in living organisms and their environment, with their chemical reactions and processes they undergo. In other words, Biochemistry deals with the structure and function of the body at the molecular level. Biochemistry is concerned with the entire spectrum of life forms, from relatively simple viruses and bacteria to the complex human being. Even evolution of life, which started with chemical evolution, works at the molecular level (at the level of DNA). The tools for research in all the branches of medical science are mainly biochemical in nature. It is related to human health and diseases which focus on the methodology and interpretation of clinical tests in support of diagnosis, treatment and new drug designing.

The scope of the subject is achieved with the aid of audio visual smart classes, good infrastructure and well equipped laboratory which paves the way for hands-on training and thus paves the road to research in life sciences.