Noi Anugaa Vidhi (Hygiene) Including Research Methodology and Medical Statistics

Department of Noi Anugaa Vidhi (Hygiene) Including Research Methodology and Medical Statistics

Noi Anugaa Vidhi ozhukkam

Preventive and Community medicine mainly focuses on the health of individuals in a group of population or defined social group. Its primary aim is to protect, promote and maintain the health and well-being of the society. It is also aimed at creating awareness to prevent diseases, damage and death. While clinical specialties look after individual patient, our subject has to think and act in terms of the whole community. The scope of medicine has expanded during the last few decades to include not only health problems of individuals, but those of communities as well.

Our Department of Noi anugaa vidhi will deliver comprehensive education and training portfolio, including primary health care, desire for lifelong learning, evidence-based practice, interdisciplinary team work, and professional and ethical behavior in practice in order to improve and sustain the health of the population.


Research Methodology and Medical Biostatistics

Research methodology and Medical statistics syllabus covers the ICH vision, to ensure that safe, effective and high quality medicines are to be developed and registered in the most resource-efficient manner. A clinical trial is a type of research that studies a test or treatment given to people. When Clinical trials reveal safe and affordable methods in diagnosis and management of disease in a small group, they may become tomorrow’s standard of care for whole society.