Udal Thathuvam (Siddha & Modern Physiology)

Department of Udal Thathuvam (Siddha & Modern Physiology)

Udal Thathuvam (Physiology) is the fascinating branch of science which deals with the functional basis of human body, which can be investigated at the level of cells, tissues, organ systems and the whole body. The underlying goal is to explain the fundamental mechanisms that operate in a living organism and how they interact.  It provides a thorough understanding of normal body function, enabling more effective treatment of abnormal or diseased states. We teach Siddha Physiology and Modern Physiology to impart both the ancient and modern way of understanding the physiology of human body. Our efficient staff members maintain the Physiology Laboratory which is well equipped with microscopes and other equipment to enhance the practical knowledge of human physiology.

Modern Physiology