Maruthuva Thavaraiyal (Medicinal Botany)

Department of Maruthuva Thavaraiyal (Medicinal Botany)

Medicinal Botany (Maruthuva Thavaraiyal) is the science of the plant kingdom; it is unique from others because our main focus is teaching students about the medicinal plants and their environment at local and regional levels. The subject deals with the History and Importance of Flowering and Non-flowering plants as well as in Plant Biology, Plant Anatomy, Ecology and Plant Tissue Culture as well as Plant Pharmacology. The highly qualified staff members of the department provides both theoretical and practical knowledge of Plant Taxonomy, Morphology, Anatomy, Medicinal uses as well as the Identification of plants. The department has separate class rooms and laboratory facilities for teaching and research programmes.

The Department maintains a beautiful Botanical Garden in the heart of college campus which is a living museum of more than 612 different and rare medicinal plants. Botanical specimens including whole plants, fruits and seeds are preserved in the laboratory. With instruments, chemicals, specimens, slides and other facilities in the laboratories are well equipped. Our mission is to bring up the potential Siddha Doctors to serve the people by the Siddha Medical way to make their life wholesome.