SH List of Laboratories

Department of Science & Humanity

List of Laboratories

The Department has eleven Laboratories that are equipped according to curriculum prescribed by DOTE.

Communication Skill Lab

  • The lab is endowed with advanced facilities so as to enable the students to develop communication skills in English.
  • A Curriculum catering to all the language skills, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
  • Good linguistic proficiency through accuracy in grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

Physics Laboratory

In order to develop best skills in handling Instruments/Equipment and taking readings in the practical classes, every two students should be provided with a separate experimental setup for doing experiments in the laboratory.It enables the students to enhance their basic knowledge in the field of engineering.

Chemistry Laboratory

  • Students are encouraged and guided to update knowledge concentrating in the scenario of engineering.
  • The knowledge of Engineering chemistry is quite essential in the development of the industry. Modern development of industries require more understanding of materials. Engineering chemistry explains various aspects with regard to environment, fuels, metals, alloys and polymers.
  • Our chemistry lab is well equipped with good lighting, ventilation, water facility and heating facility. In case of emergency we have first aid kit and also fire extinguisher. We impart both intellectual skills and motor skills to our student which is very essential to work in the industry. In our chemistry laboratory the student are taught both quantitative (Volumetric) and qualitative (Salt) analysis.

Work Shop Practice

It enables the students to develop their basic knowledge in the engineering field.

Computer Application Lab

The advanced technology enables the students to develop their basic knowledge about computers.