About Placements

Placement activity starts in the beginning of every academic year. Training programs are arranged to assist the students, with balanced set of technical skills, interpersonal skills and with a positive attitude to life. Industry Institution interaction is vibrant with a number of industrial visits & in-plant training for students of all discipline. The college is continuously working to provide quality technical man power to suit every organizational need.

Placement Activities

We have full-fledged Placement cell, which monitors the employment opportunities and arrange campus interviews for the final year students.

Our Campus recruitment program starts by the beginning of the Pre-Final semester. The On Campus recruitment program keeps continuing till the end of their final semester. Nearly 80% to 90% of the willing students are well placed in suitable jobs every year.

Our students are employed in the following organizations through Campus interviews:

  • Hyundai Motors India
  • Sharda Motors Industries, Chennai
  • Euro casting Pvt. Limited
  • Taro Pumps Pvt Limited
  • RANE (Madras) Pvt. Limited
  • Sakthi Auto Components, Coimbatore
  • TVS Training & Service, Chennai
  • Royal Enfield, Chennai
  • Santhi Gears, Coimbatore
  • KMIL Motherson Pvt. Limited
  • Larson & Tubro
  • Schneider Electric
  • Lakshmi Precision Tools
  • Emerald Valley, Coimbatore
  • S&T Welcare Equipments
  • V Four E Systems