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Fire Technology & Safety Engineering

Diploma in Fire Technology and Safety is a full-time diploma course; the period of this course is 3 years. It is an open course that helps students to get better job opportunities and promotion in their field as fire and safety officer, health and safety manager, in charge manager.

Diploma in Fire Technology and Safety course focuses mainly on training the students in prevention of fire and safety methods so that they can deal with the situation in a better way and can help people in distress.

This course offers a proper study about how to evacuate people during emergencies and control the situation, thus this course trains the candidate in handling tiring situations like fire or failure in security measures.


To be an academic institution in dynamic equilibrium with its social, ecological and economic environment, striving continuously for excellence in Fire Technology and Safety and technologically Advanced Fire service and Hazard Management to the Nation.


To provide knowledge based technological fire safety and hazard management measures to meet the infrastructural urban development needs of the society and the industry.


  • First Aid lab
  • Personal Protective Equipment lab
  • Fire Safety and Fighting lab
  • Computer Aided Risk Analysis lab
  • Chemical Safety lab

About Course

Diploma in Fire Technology and Safety is a thorough study of risk, management, and measures that can be taken during any fire incidents. The course plan of this program mainly focuses on training its candidates to gain a clear and thorough knowledge of the preventive that can be applied during times of emergency.

Diploma in Fire Technology and Safety curriculum consists mainly of training sessions that are carried on real-life scenarios and incidents, as well as mock drills. The program mainly focuses on teaching the science that is involved in fire and firefighting. The course broadly covers the topics related to fire prevention, communication systems, engineering of fire safety and first-aid carried on.

Diploma in Fire Technology and Safety course is basically about Planning, Implementing, Controlling, and monitoring the fire safety standards and to ensure those standards are maintained. In every Infrastructure, there is a chance of fire mishaps from explosions or any other accidents. The goal of the course is to prevent any mishap that could be caused due to fire and protect people if something like this happens.