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Department of Automobile Engineering

Our Department

Our Automobile Engineering department was started in the year of 2008, with an intake of 60 students. After we grow to get most presses approve of Foreign student also study one and only in out Excel Polytechnic College. This shows our strength, performance and development skill. Automobile Engineering in recent year in fact emerging as a specialized subject of study. Automobile sector and its ancillary industry are growing at an impressive pace.

To ensure that our students are exposed to latest development in the field, we depute them for internship at recognized auto major to help them get hands on experience. With sound theoretical and practical knowledge, our students get equipped for zooming careers and future.

Department Library

The Automobile departmental library provides local & easy access to Reference books, Journals, Project Reports and internet resources to the faculty and students. The department has a library with more than thousand documents consisting of technical books, report.


  • Every innovation day we displayed Antique Vehicle Display.
  • We are conducting in plant Training at semester end.
  • We undergone industrial visit at various companies in semester once.
  • Well equipped lab equipments.

Course Curriculum

This department offers Three-year degree programmed leading to Automobile Engineering. The curriculum consists of both basic and advanced courses in Automotive Engines, Thermal Engineering, Automotive Chassis & Transmission, Vehicle Body Engineering, Industrial Management & Road Transport Organization, Automotive Maintenance & Pollution Control, Two & Three wheeler Technology are major papers and the elective papers are Automotive Electrical and Electronics Systems. The curriculum is a balanced blend of theory and practical. The practical is performed in a well professional manner with not more than three students per batch.

Career Trends

Automobiles have a unique and important position in the development of modern civilization. Modern automobile vehicles are inseparable part of the human life. With advent of technology, role of automobiles is changing and it has become a true vehicle not only as means of transportation but for enhancing the social, commercial and economic aspects of the life of an individual.

With rapid change in the technologies, Automobile vehicles have also undergone metamorphic changes in their designs, aesthetic aspects, and Ergonomic considerations and most importantly in the fuel economy and alternative fuels considerations.

Due to computer based advanced technologies; there is a modern trend for using computers / microprocessor based designs of engines such as MPFI, DI and CRDI in automobile engines. Alternatively the use of Mechatronics systems is also being extensively used in the modern automobiles.

Automobile market in India is growing rapidly and it is maturing at a faster pace, not only in terms of size and variety, but in terms of technological advancement in cars. The Automotive technology is becoming more and more sophisticated with stringent pollution regulations and increased customer awareness.

India is the 4th largest car market in the world. With over 1.4 million cars added to Indian roads in 2006, the automobile industry provides direct employment to 4, 50,000 + persons and indirect employment to over 10 million people in India.

In tune with this, there is a growing trend towards use of microprocessor based systems in the modern automobile vehicles, along with advances in the hardware systems. Many leading players like Mercedes, Skoda, Audi, Mitsubishi, Suzuki have introduced their cars with advanced microprocessor based systems in India. Virtually all the critical parameters governing the operation of the engine and automobile are accurately controlled by the microprocessors in the modern cars.