Entrepreneur Development cell

Entrepreneur Development cell

Entrepreneurship and Incubation Cell

Excel Polytechnic College takes pride in its Entrepreneurship and Incubation cell which characterizes itself as an organization continuously innovating to improve the quality and strategic scope of its activities among students who are dreaming to be successful entrepreneurs.
Under the Student Entrepreneurship Initiative, three stages will be recognized in the Entrepreneurship and Incubation process:

  • Stage 01 : Ideation Stage – It is the process of generating, exploring, and evaluating new technology /business ideas that can give the business proposed by the student entrepreneur a competitive advantage
  • Stage 02 : Teaming & Company formation – Team Formation is the key for an entrepreneur in commencing his journey before launching his own company
  • Stage 03 : Prototype developed/ Business started – The working model or the prototype of the Technology Idea is to be developed and this is to be certified by the experts for commercialization or implementation.

It is through this cell, future entrepreneurs are identified and encouraged to take the world in their stride.

Committee Members

1S. SivakumarHOD / AutomobileConvener
2K. RajaLecturer / ECEMember
3A. RameshLecturer / MechanicalMember
4S. SundharapandiyanLecturer / AutoMember
5S. HemalathaLecturer / CivilMember
6M. RamachandranLecturer / MechanicalMember
7K. NandhiniLecturer / EEEMember