Industrial Visit

Industrial Visit

The College organizes industrial visits for B.Pharm students’ to update with latest updates on the industrial profession and to provide knowledge of new modern techniques used in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Students visited the renowned pharmaceutical industry, which helps students generate new ideas for research.

One Day Industrial Visit at Sai Primus Life Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Puducherry

II – D.Pharm students went for an Industrial visit to Sai Primus Life Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Puducherry on 14.10.22. The various divisions of compounding, dispensing and packaging were explained to our students by industry officials of the specific unit. 47 Students and 3 faculty members participated in the visit.


One Day Industrial Visit at NIRRAI HERBALS

Excel College of Pharmacy Organized One Day Industrial Visit to NIRRAI HERBALS, Komarapalayam on 6th July 2022. First D.Pharm students were benefitted. Herbal garden, Pilot plant, manufacturing unit and packaging unit were explained. Students were also trained with PANCHAKARMA Treatment at Tamizh Solai Ayurvedic Hospitals.

Industrial Visit

Industrial visit at Biocon – India’s largest biopharmaceutical company, Bangalore

The industrial visit was carried out at Biocon for third year B.Pharm students. There were a total of 30 students and two faculty members present. The Training manager and the Industry officials of the relevant unit explained the different stages involved in the preparation and processing of biopharmaceutical products. They had good interaction with the students. It was a very insightful learning experience for students and members of the faculty.

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Industrial visit at Kaviraj Pharmaceuticals, Erode

For Second year B.Pharm students, an industrial visit was performed. There were a total of 80 students, along with two faculty members. The various divisions of compounding, dispensing and packaging were explained to our students by industry officials of the specific unit. They also clarified the actual extraction process and preparation of different Ayurveda products. With them, the students had strong contact. They also briefed the students on the approval procedure for Ayurvedic formulations by various competent authorities. For students and faculty members, it was a very insightful and educational experience.

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Officials explaining the concepts of Raw Material Processing to the students

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Students interacting with Official regarding Labeling and Packaging of ayurvedic formulations

Industrial visit at Pasteur Institute of India, Ooty

The College organized a one day industrial visit to Pasteur Institute, Coonoor for the first year B.Pharm students. 95 students participated in the industrial visit accompanied by 3 faculty members. The students were briefed about the vaccines during the visit, and the experts from the institute also demonstrated their preparation methodology. The students shared their views on the current approach and expressed their interest in automating the process.

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