Department of Pharmacology

Department of Pharmacology

Pharmacology is a branch of medicine and pharmaceutical sciences that is concerned with the study of the action of a drug or medication, where a drug can be described widely or narrowly as any man-made, natural or endogenous molecule that has a biochemical or physiological effect on the cell, tissue, organ or body.

The Department of Pharmacology teaches students in subjects such as Anatomy, Pathophysiology & Physiology, and Pharmacology & Toxicology. With instruments such as models, maps, permanent slides, bones, skeletons, etc., students are given facilities to understand various human anatomy systems and their functions & pathology. Students learn about general pharmacology, medication doses, drug pathways, drug screening, etc. Pharmacology Laboratories are well equipped with Rotarod, Pole Climbing Apparatus, Convulsiometer, Analgesiometer, etc.

Experimental Pharmacology Series (Ex Pharm Series) – Computer-assisted learning software recognized by Pharmacy Council of India, helps the students to learn  pharmacological animal experiments along with the existence of drugs in various animal systems.





Undergraduate Pharmacology Department
Digital Dark & Light Chamber Fire Extinguisher Refrigerator
Inco Rota-Rod Apparatus (Three compartment) Digital balance Rota-Rod Digital
Mice Restrainers Inco Super Ten Kymograph Electro Convulsiometer
Inco student organ bath Histamine chamber Pole climbing apparatus
Double unit Organ bath Electronic Weighing Balance Fume stand
Inco Aerator Stabilizer for freezer Stabilizer for Actophotometer
Double unit mirror chamber Vortex mixer Eye piece camera
Rabbit Holder Rat Restrainers Urine Analyzer