Department of Pharmacognosy

Department of Pharmacognosy

The analysis of drugs or crude drugs derived from natural sources such as plants, microbes, and animals is called pharmacognosy. Analysis of their biological, chemical, biochemical and physical characteristics is included.

It deals with the scientific study of the structural, physical, chemical and sensory characteristics of plant, animal and mineral sources of crude drugs. The research of their history, distribution, cultivation, selection, preparation, identification, assessment, preservation & commerce is also included. The Dept. of Pharmacognosy seeks to improve fundamental principles such as the recognition and authentication of plants from different families. In order to understand the advancement in pharmacognosy & phytochemistry, different tasks are assigned. The extraction of the crude drug’s phytoconstituent is extensively studied.

In the first year of B.Pharm, the subject deals with morphological recognition of crude drugs and techniques of section cutting. B.Pharm subject deals with morphological and microscopic detection along with quantitative microscopy in the third year, while different extraction, separation procedures and chromatography techniques are carried out at the final year level to classify crude drugs.

The department maintains a well landscaped Medicinal Plant Garden measuring approximately 100 sqm with various families of medicinal plant species along with different ornamental plant species.

The various sophisticated equipment’s and infrastructure that facilitate the various activities in the lab include.





Soxhlet apparatus (I lit)Clavenger apparatusFixed light source apparatus
Compound microscopesSimple microscopesCamera lucida
Drawing boardGrinderHot Plate
Electronic BalanceOvenHeating Mantle
OcculometerStage MicrometerMedicinal Plant Garden (Landscaping & Plantation)
Vacuum OvenRota evaporatorMicrotome
UV CabinetSonicatorSilicon Crucibles
Muffle FurnaceEye Piece Digital CameraBinocular and Trinocular microscope
Tube CentrifugeRefrigerator