Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message


Excel College of Pharmacy (ECOP), which was established in 2017, solely dedicated to the growth and development of pharmacy education in Tamilnadu.

The main objective of the college was to provide pharmacy education primarily for benefit students from rural areas. The College has a team of highly trained and experienced professors, as well as a well-equipped modern research laboratory. The College is committed to Research teaching, and the education of students who openly collaborate with their professors in the pursuit of knowledge. The college has achieved many milestones of achievement within this short period of time.

The college has taken a learner-centered approach to education, which is bolstered by healthy research practises and the implementation of research projects from a variety of academic institutions, including collaborations with industry, hospitals, and other research institutions. There are many opportunities for students to achieve their academic, cultural, athletic, and social goals.

With the world increasingly facing fresh, vital health threats as a result of environmental pollution, climate change, rising temperatures, pandemic outbreaks, and other factors, there has been a growing demand for the pharmaceutical industry to play a larger role, necessitating the urgent need for a revolution in pharmacy education, science, and training.

We have always thought it is our moral responsibility to produce responsible and quality students at ECOP, and we have a vision to grow students who can make a difference in the global health field. We instill in our students a desire to learn in the most conducive, student-friendly, intelligent, and innovative study environment possible, and we make every effort to keep them comfortable.

College education is a stepping stone to a successful career, personal success, and a happier life. However, crossing this bridge is difficult. It necessitates commitment, discipline, punctuality, tenacity, loyalty, devotion, and a positive attitude. Credibly, the majorities of our students have crossed the bridge with consummate ease and are now world pioneers in pharmaceutical science.

With the experience and wisdom you have gained during your stay with us, I am sure that you will prove to be a valuable citizen.

I wish you the best of luck.