BA English

BA English

About the Department

English Literature is a glorious inheritance which is open to all – there are no barriers, no coupons, and no restrictions. So, be a part of it without any barricade!

The department of English, established in 2018, focuses on many areas such as Literature, Linguistics, Language, Education and a wide range of literature in British, American, and other World Literatures. Apart from Literature, technical papers like Grammar & Usage and Journalism enable the learners to articulate the relationship among culture, history, and text of literature.

The Department of English has a pivotal role to make students reach an advanced level of proficiency in English, as a support subject to other departments. The ultimate aim of the department is to provide a good communicative tool they need in order to be a successful user of English language. To add beauty to the crown, the underlying philosophy of the department is to inculcate literature, which in turn encourages and inspires them to lead a better life as a human being to create a better society.


The Department of English aims at to impart knowledge on English language and literature and to transform the students into rational human beings with an inquisitive and argumentative bent of mind through literary, theoretical and linguistic teaching.


To afford the environment of Empowering English Community.
To expose the students to various foreign languages, literatures and cultures in order to make them knowledgeable and sensitive members of global society.
To inspire curiosity and discovery for success in a rapidly changing world.
To extend holistic training to shape the students into committed and competent citizen.
List of Laboratories
Language Lab
Programming Lab
Value added Courses
Effective English for Career Enrichment
Principles of job communication skills
Basic Business Communication Skills
Industry Tie-Up (MoU)
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