B.Com Accounting and Finance

B.Com Accounting and Finance

About the Department

The Department of Commerce Accounting and Finance was established in 2019 with an objective to empower students with all the knowledge and guidance that they need to become worthy commerce professionals and also to provide for the holistic development of the institution which will ultimately lead to the development of the society.The Department facilitates the students to pursue professional courses like CA, CMA, ACS, and to appear for competitive exams by providing them career guidance programmes through expertise from experts. The Department also encourages students to participate in intercollegiate cultural events to explore their talents and skills.


The Department of Commerce in Accounting and Finance aims atto graduate adept professionals from our department, equipped with a robust grasp of financial concepts and accounting principles.


To impart a comprehensive understanding of financial principles and accounting practices to students.
To equip students with practical skills in financial analysis and management.
To encourage critical thinking and ethical decision-making in financial contexts.
To prepare graduates to adapt to dynamic financial environments and contribute to the advancement of the financial sector.
List of Laboratories
Programming Lab
Communication Lab
Value added Courses
Online Trading
Project Management For Business Success
Industry Tie-Up (MoU)
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