Excel Institute of Health Science have link with several multispecialty hospitals in the nearby city for the better practice of the students. Here are the hospitals where Excel Health Science students are placed for Internship training.

  • Lotus Multi specialty Hospital, Erode.
  • LKM Hospital, Erode.
  • Senthil Multi specialty Hospital, Erode.
  • Vijaya Hi-tech Hospital, Erode.
  • Erode Trust Hospital, Erode.
  • Sudha multispecialty Hospital, Erode.
  • Erode Emergency Care Hospital, Erode.
  • Care 24 Multi specialty Hospital, Erode.
  • Bharani Ortho Hospital, Erode.
  • TPN Hospital, Erode.
  • Maruthi medical centre, Erode.
  • National Hospital, Erode.
  • Nallasamy Hospital, Erode.
  • Preethi Neuro Hospital, Erode.
  • Bharath Neuro Hospital, Erode.
  • Arogya Rehabilitation centre, Erode.
  • Q- Scans Erode.
  • Sri Krishnaa scans, Erode.
  • Deepa Micro Laboratory, Erode.

Seminars/ Conference

S.No Date Particulars Resource Person/ Company
1 24-02-20 Guest Lecture Dr. Arul Duraisamy, Dept of Biochemistry, Health Scientific centre, Chennai
2 20-03-20 Webinar- Covid Dr. Tariq Ahamed Lone, Head, Dept of Biotechnology, Govt Degree College, Beerwah,  Kashmir
3 25-03-20 Webinar- Covid Treatment Dr. Selvi, Dept of Biotechnology, USA
4 23-05-20 Webinar- Medical lab arrangements Dr. Ganapathy, Head, Dept of Microbiology, Annai Aravindhar Institute of life science, Puducherry
5 12-08-20 Webinar- Cancer cell Treatment Dr. Nallasamy, Professor, Annai Aravindhar Institute of life science, Puducherry