Diploma in Health Inspector

Diploma in Health Inspector



Diploma in Health Inspector is a short-term programme. It can be pursued to understand the basics of the programme and to take advanced courses in this field. The duration of the course shall be for 2 academic years (Non Semester). 1½ year theory and 6 months field training work.

Career Options and Job Prospects

Although Health Inspector is a diploma programme, there are some good job opportunities that candidates can seek after completing this course. Jobs are available at Government and Private sectors.

Government Sectors
  • Public Health Department
  • Medical Department (All)
  • Co-operation Department ( Health)
  • Municipality
  • Town Panchayat
  • Railway
  • Harbor
  • Air force
  • Navy
  • Army.
Private Sectors
  • Estates
  • Industrial ( More than 100 labors working)
  • Star Hotels
  • Medical Colleges
  • Non – Medical Colleges.