College facilities

College facilities

Central Library

The College has one of the finest libraries with an impressive collection of medical literature. It has adequate reading space for undergraduate students where they can study. It has a large number of books and journals. This has served as a unique educational support for undergraduate students as well as faculty members. It has also several subscriptions for monthly, weekly journals with a capacity of 100 students reading at a time. It is also equipped with computer facility.

Objectives Of The Library

The main objective of the library is to provide information and an environment that can be helpful in imparting education, promoting research and development of Homoeopathy thereby leading to improved patient care and better management.

Herbal Garden

The Herbal Garden of Department of Homoeopathic Pharmacy maintains the herbal garden inside Excel Homoeopathy Medical College campus, which contains more than 300 varieties of medicinal plants which includes indigenous and exotic plants with sufficient irrigation facility. The herbal garden provides knowledge to the students regarding identification and collection of plants and also in microscopical aspects. The herbal garden is also utilized for research purpose which will help the students to become proficient in the field of homoeopathic pharmacy. The herbal garden is properly maintained with a glass house and with sufficient facility to take care of the plants.