Club & Activities

Club & Activities

Women’s Cell

The Women’s cell functions to solve problems of women, enlightens student teachers about the ways and means of combating harassments, rights related to women and so many more of kind.

Women’s cell activities are integrated within the academic year through different activities.

Youth Red Cross

The YRC is the most important constituent of its mother organization, Indian Red cross. It is a student moment; YRC in our institutions was established as per the orders of the Tamil Nadu government and Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University. In our College of Education various programmes will be conducted for fulfill the following objectives.

Selfless Service to the risk and suffering.
Protection of health and life.
Promotion of national and international friendship to develop mental and moral capacities of the student teacher.

Red Ribbon Club

The Red Ribbon Club of the college plays a major role in awareness programmes on AIDS and important issues. It also aims in building their capacities as peer women educators in spreading messages on positive health behavior in an enabling environment and increasing voluntary blood donation from among youth women student teachers.

The Student teachers (Volunteers) regularly donate blood in response to calls from hospitals in and around Salem, Erode and Namakkal.

Members of the RRC initiated the formation of a blood bank to meet emergency requirements of the society.

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Clubs aims at promoting the creative process, whether it is in the form of paintings, oration, literacy quizzes, contest or visual arts.

Our college of education provide ample opportunities for the student teachers to train and act drama.

Life Skill Programmes

Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with a demands and challenges of everyday life. It transforms knowledge into positive behavior.

In our college of education every year, we have conducted life skill programme in the beginning of the academic year for our student teachers.


Information and communication technology (ICT) is an umbrella term that includes all technologies for the manipulation and communication of information in education. It deals mainly with uses of tools and techniques to enhance the effectiveness of the teaching learning process. Educational technology deals mainly with broad theoretical and class room oriented issues including processes, while ICT in education largely deals with practical aspects of educational technology.

Our College has quite spacious ICT lab to provide computer education classes and TV, LCD, Projector and language laboratory available with skilled instructors. ICT is used in almost all activities in our institutions. The institutional campus networked through LAN and high speed internet facility is provided through Wi-Fi and curricular planning is done through help of word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Arts And Crafts

A well equipped Art and Craft resource centre is established in our institutions because canvas is the made to express the inner feelings of student teachers. All the facilities like as cutter, glazed papers, Velvet papers, handmade sheet, colors, clothes (tie), painting brush and all other facilities are available for B.Ed students.


SUPW may be described as purposive, meaning full, manual work resulting in either goods or services which are useful to the society. One of the essential curricular activities in B.Ed Curriculum is SUPW it creates self sufficiency among student teachers by taking different programmes and different commodities.

Our student teachers get work experience through preparing self made teaching aids in our institutions.

Teaching Practice

The practice of teaching shall be done through micro and macro lessons to be delivered by student teachers. Teaching practice is arranged in the various schools in and around Tamilnadu. Every student teacher must satisfy the conditions laid down by the university regarding practical work.

The Internal/External Examiner appointed by the university assess the performance of each Student Teacher in her final practical class teaching.