B.ARCH – Bachelor Of Architecture

B.ARCH – Bachelor of Architecture

Undergraduate Programme : Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch)

ECAP offers a 5-year Degree Programme of B.Arch. (Bachelor of Architecture) Undergraduate course which is recognized by the Council of Architecture, New Delhi.
The 5-year Bachelor’s Degree programme in Architecture has been divided into 10 terms or semesters and it offers the opportunity to develop and refine high-level creativity, artistic skills and knowledge to improve visual perception, creative thinking and expand critical awareness.
This professional degree is structured to educate those who aspire to obtain registration and licensure to practice as architects.
It aims for a rigorous, relevant and rewarding education with a special emphasis on practical and technical inputs.
The Institutions is a door to a bright future in the field of Architecture and it is led by experienced Professors and Assistant Professors. Apart from the lectures, the students are offered real-time industry experiences.
Being a systemic interdisciplinary course, it focuses on creative problem solving and instills self-motivation in the students to learn and excel.
This architecture programme will impart the knowledge and the skills required to design and build environments required for human habitation while enhancing the creativity of the students and training them to face the innovative profession of architecture.

INTAKE:  80 / Batch