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Bachelor of Siddha Medicine & Surgery(B.S.M.S.)

Duration:5 1/2 Years (4 1/2 Years + 1 year of compulsory rotatory internship)
Salient Features:
A unique blend of modern medical sciences and the traditional health systems of Siddha medicine

Opportunities for BSMS

Opportunities after the BSMS in India and abroad


A BSMS doctor can work in following domains after completion of the degree.

  • Practice as Lecturer in Medical Universities,medical Coleges /Professorship/Readership/Yoga teacher/Yoga Registered medical Practioner/Hospital Administrator/Naturopathy Physician/General Physician/Health secretory/Nutritiologist/Dietatician,Obstetrician,gyenocologist,Acupunture Physician/NeuroPhysiologist/Spa Physician/Resort Physician, etc... in Universities offering BNYS course in Govt./Private Sector in INDIA or Abroad.
  • BSMS or Higher Degree holders can appoint as Officer level posts in Govt or private sector Universities,Army/Navy/Air force/Paratroops,3-7 star Hotels and Hospitals.
  • Open own NGO or join Govt/Private NGO working in this field.
  • General Practice in a private clinic or as a Medical Officer in a hospital as general practitioner with minimum infrastructure; government and private.
  • National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) under AYUSH system of medicine as well as modern medicine in PHC level in all states of India as well as abroad.
  • Academic teaching hospital, research or resident medical officer, general physician as well as specialist in naturopathy medicine or medical scientist in various government and non-governmental organizations.
  • Speciality clinics targeting individual disorders like bariatrics (obesity), psycho neurology (stress) (allergology) allergy, (reproductive medicine) lifestyle, (addictive medicine & narcology) de-addiction, (palliative medicine) back pain, (dietology) diet counselling, (rehabilitative medicine) rehabilitation (medical, psychiatry and post surgery cases)
  • Stress management and lifestyle management consulting in corporate hospitals and holistic wellness centres.
  • Obstetrician and gynaecologist
  • Hospitality industry in India and abroad (as a spa manager)
  • IT companies as well as the corporate sector like GE Healthcare
  • Pre-clinical specialist
  • Para-clinical specialist
  • Clinical specialist
  • Non clinical specialist in health care establishments viz
    • Medical director
    • Managing director of community clinic or community hospital or community health centre
    • Medical officer in hospital for army, navy, air force and paratroops