Excellence in Professional Education


Bachelor of Siddha Medicine & Surgery(B.S.M.S.)

Duration:5 1/2 Years (4 1/2 Years + 1 year of compulsory rotatory internship)
Salient Features:
A unique blend of modern medical sciences and the traditional health systems of Siddha medicine

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Opportunities for BSMS

Opportunities after the BSMS in India and abroad


Post graduation:

  • After completing the BSMS degree, for further studies in Siddha post graduation degrees like MD in siddha ( 6 various departments) , Ph.D – clinical and non clinical , M.Sc (Anatomy), M.Sc (Physiology) there after the teaching scope in any medical college even abroad.

Opportunities in State Govt jobs:

  • MRB (Medical Requirement Board of Tamil Nadu) recruits AMO (Assistant Medical Officer) in various PHC’s (Primary Health Centre) in Tamil Nadu Govt.

Opportunities in Central Govt jobs:

  • JRF (Junior Research Fellowship), SRF (Senior Research Fellowship), Project officer, Medical Officer, Consultant postings are offered by Central Govt. institutions like CRI (Central Research Institute) ,Railways, AIIMS, AYUSH, Rashtrapathi Bhavan,….etc.

Opportunities in Private sectors:

  • RMO (Residential Medical Officer) Consultant, Medical Officer, Asst Professor postings are offered by various private hospitals and private Siddha Medical colleges.


  • Research officer opportunities are available in various R & D’s and Siddha Medical Pharmaceutical companies.

Own clinic opportunities:

  • Own clinic opportunities with minimum investments

A BSMS doctor can work in following domains after completion of the degree.

  • Practice as Lecturer in Medical Universities,medical Coleges /Professorship/Readership/Yoga teacher/Yoga Registered medical Practioner/Hospital Administrator/Naturopathy Physician/General Physician/Health secretory/Nutritiologist/Dietatician,Obstetrician,gyenocologist,Acupunture Physician/NeuroPhysiologist/Spa Physician/Resort Physician, etc... in Universities offering BNYS course in Govt./Private Sector in INDIA or Abroad.
  • BSMS or Higher Degree holders can appoint as Officer level posts in Govt or private sector Universities,Army/Navy/Air force/Paratroops,3-7 star Hotels and Hospitals.
  • Open own NGO or join Govt/Private NGO working in this field.
  • General Practice in a private clinic or as a Medical Officer in a hospital as general practitioner with minimum infrastructure; government and private.
  • National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) under AYUSH system of medicine as well as modern medicine in PHC level in all states of India as well as abroad.
  • Academic teaching hospital, research or resident medical officer, general physician as well as specialist in naturopathy medicine or medical scientist in various government and non-governmental organizations.
  • Speciality clinics targeting individual disorders like bariatrics (obesity), psycho neurology (stress) (allergology) allergy, (reproductive medicine) lifestyle, (addictive medicine & narcology) de-addiction, (palliative medicine) back pain, (dietology) diet counselling, (rehabilitative medicine) rehabilitation (medical, psychiatry and post surgery cases)
  • Stress management and lifestyle management consulting in corporate hospitals and holistic wellness centres.
  • Obstetrician and gynaecologist
  • Hospitality industry in India and abroad (as a spa manager)
  • IT companies as well as the corporate sector like GE Healthcare
  • Pre-clinical specialist
  • Para-clinical specialist
  • Clinical specialist
  • Non clinical specialist in health care establishments viz
    • Medical director
    • Managing director of community clinic or community hospital or community health centre
    • Medical officer in hospital for army, navy, air force and paratroops