Excel’s quest is to prepare participants with management professional competence, outstanding leadership qualities, personal integrity, empathy for the locally less privileged and abiding commitment to improving the quality of life in organizations and society.


1. To offer enriching learning experiences to participants to achieve high level of competency as measured by Good academic score, recognition to the special talents, add-on knowledge and effective communication skills.

2. Crafting the individuals with knowing-doing and being, a unique DNA of the institution.

3. Strive to be the corporate community’s choice as the destination for consulting services by creating various centre of excellence and cutting-edge research and consulting.

4. To develop self-confidence through development of leadership qualities, self-motivation, industry-institute interfaces and make them to realize their full potential to ensure that they serve as agents of continuous improvement and change for the community.

5. To disseminate knowledge through a portfolio of educational programs and publications.